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We won't lie - weddings are kind of our thing.

We've done a few weddings in our years at the store. In fact, we outfit 100+ wedding parties a year. If the average groom has three groomsmen, that means we're dressing up at least 400 guys every year to stand up in front of a crowd and celebrate a lifetime of love. From off-the-rack suits tailored perfectly to fit the groomsmen to custom made tuxedos for the man of the hour, we've done it all. 

Here's a gallery of wedding parties we've dressed in the last few years - you may even recognize a few of the gentlemen in the photos, and you might also notice that lots of the guys repeat. That's because often times, when it comes time for a past groomsmen to get married, he comes back to the store to receive the same top notch service and high quality garments that he did for his buddy's wedding. 

If you're interested in checking out our wedding options, we recommend you book an appointment. That way, we can ensure we have a staff member and a beer ready and waiting for you when you come. Here are our Tips for Purchasing Your Wedding Suit - they'll make your experience a whole lot easier from the start! 

We would like to thank all the families who have graciously given us permission to use photographs of their wedding days from their private collections. 

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