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Styled Shoots FAQ

So what's the deal?
The deal is - we're big into styled shoots. We love working with wedding and fashion specialists from around Southern Alberta. If we haven't worked with you before, that's not a big deal - send Lowell an email at (if you haven't already) and say hi. If we haven't worked with you before, we'll take a credit card number to keep on file when you come in to pick up the clothes we've chosen for the shoot and you're all set. 

How much notice do you need?
Ideally, we would have a week's notice before the day of the shoot. That allows time for the model to come in for a fitting. 

What type of model should I look for?
When you're looking for a male model for your shoot, look for guys with an average build (average shoulders and chest). Overly developed muscles make it harder for us to find clothes to properly fit the models. Look for models that are between 5'10 and 6'2. We don't do alterations on clothing for shoots (aside from hemming pants), so we are not able to adjust shirts for shoulders, chest or sleeve length. 

Why does the model have to come in for a fitting?
We don't send clothes out based on sizes. Men's clothing is similar to women's clothing - every brand has variation in sizes. Because we want our best work represented in the shoot, we want to be able to see which pieces fit the model best and create cohesive looks that complement your vision for your shoot. 

We find that fittings that take place 4 - 7 days before the shoot work best, that way the model can come in (photographers and stylists are more than welcome to come in too!) and get properly fitted, and we're able to hem the pants. The stylist or shoot organizer can take the clothes from there - we're also find to send to clothes with models as well. 

Fitting times need to be booked in advance - we always have staff on hand to help, but it helps to know when models are coming so we can pull clothing and make sure there is a dedicated team member. 

Models will have to provide their own shoes for the shoot so it helps for them to bring those shoes with them, but it's not mandatory. 

What does EWMW need from you?
Not much - just a vision of your shoot and a few basic details (time of year, location, theme). If you have a Pinterest Board or inspiration photos, those always help us to create looks. 

Garment Care
Similar to gown boutiques, we often send out clothing worth thousands of dollars on styled shoots. Taking care of men's clothing is pretty straight forward. When not being worn, the shirts should hang from the hanger with a few buttons done up to ensure it doesn't fall off the hanger. Suit jackets and sports coats should be hung on hangers. Pants should be folded along the crease (please ask if you're not sure what that means) and hung on the hanger. Ties should be hung on the hanger, and any accessories like cufflinks will be boxed. 

Because men's clothing doesn't weigh as much as a wedding gown, sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's fallen off the hanger in a suit bag. An easy accident, we ask that you check that the suit is still on the hanger during transportation to and from the shoot. 

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