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Ed Williams

Ed has spent over 40 years in the clothing business, long enough to see paisley and tight pants go in and out of fashion 3 times over! Through his outgoing personality and passion for the business he has accumulated a loyal following of friends and customers.


Lowell Williams

Lowell has been around the clothing business for as long as he can remember, mostly thanks to his lack of knowledge regarding any child labour laws. As soon as he was old enough to collect allowance, nearly every penny of it went into buying clothes, and not much has changed. As you might have guessed, Lowell is Ed’s son and shares his father’s enthusiasm for fashion and retail. He hopes to pass on Ed's hard work ethic to his own two young sons through the same regiment of child labour.


Sterling Bacon

Sterling made Ed Williams Mens Wear his new home away from home after 18 years in the mens wear industry. He continues a mens wear tradition that started with his grandfather, Arnold Bacon of Stylemaster Slax. Sterling is a customer favourite due his fun loving attitude and great sense of humour.


Peter Dale

Peter has been in the menswear business for 10+ years, and is a self-admitted clothes horse - he loves buying clothes as much as he loves selling them. Peter is thrilled to be a part of family business and started at the store in 2016. When he's not at the store, he enjoy spending time outdoors with his real family, his wife and daughter, and is an avid Blue Jays fan.


Kieran Reece

Kieran is another fresh face at Ed Williams Mens Wear and excited to be a part of a family business so well established in the community. Kieran has spent the last three years working in mens wear while he trains to become a fire fighter. While he is at heart, a hero, Kieran spends his spare time studying the anatomy of birds from the South Pacific and collecting antique cufflinks.


Austin Trout

Austin joined Ed Williams Mens Wear in early 2017 as he continues to study business at SAIT. Austin is known around the store for always having a smile on his face and being chatty with anyone that walks through the door. Before joining the fashion industry, Austin worked in the golf industry from a young age which sparked his passion for the sport. If you can't find him enjoying himself around the store, you can find him on the course.


Kevin Lau

Kevin was trained as a bespoke and custom tailor from the age of 15 in Hong Kong, giving him over 40 years of high quality tailoring expertise. The EWMW is thrilled to have him aboard - his experience and personality are the perfect addition to our team.


Ana Barbos

Originally from Romania, Ana’s recent training has proven invaluable in our tailor shop. With her help we are able to devote even more resources towards getting you the perfect fit!

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